Red, itchy, swollen, crusty eyelids. No one wants these.

These symptoms may be a sign of a serious eyelid and eyelash condition. These conditions, such as blepharitis and meibomitis, may develop from a bacterial infection on your eyelids. Avenova works by keeping your eyelids and eyelashes clean and free from debris and microorganisms.

People just like you who have used Avenova have overcome blepharitis and other serious eyelid and eyelash conditions. Most importantly, by keeping your lids and lashes clean everyday with Avenova, you also help to avoid these serious conditions from happening.

You don’t need to keep living with eyelid and eyelash problems. Read on to learn the benefits of using Avenova.

Avenova contains Neutrox, NovaBay’s proprietary, pure, stable form of hypochlorous acid (HOCl). Neutrox adds the dimension of rapid anti-microbial, anti-toxin, and anti-biofilm preservative activity in solution. Avenova is the first true lid and lash “hygiene product”.

Other lid and lash cleansers contain a list of ingredients including surfactants, buffer agents, and other additives. These ingredients increase the risk of developing contact dermatitis and other irritations. Avenova is a clean and elegant formulation that contains Neutrox, thus eliminating the chances of reaction to the formulation.